4 Best Inch Pound Torque Wrenches For Accurate Bolt Applications

Torque wrenches are easily one of the most important tools in your vehicle toolbelt. While many people may consider a ratchet the perfect tool for many of their vehicle maintenance tasks, a torque wrench is an essential piece of kit when it comes to making sure the job is completed as accurately as possible, ensuring your vehicle or machine is safe, sturdy and running at its optimal performance level.

This is because a torque wrench not only enables you to tighten up and loosen nuts and bolts on your vehicle and throughout your engine, it also measures the amount of pressure – or torque – that it takes to move the bolt, meaning you can see the exact setting and tightness it was before you moved it.

This allows you to retighten the bolt or nut to that exact pressure and torque setting, so you know your vehicle, and all the parts inside it, are safe, ready to use and aren’t going to fall apart on you or cause damage to your engine because you’ve under or overtightened them.

With all this mind, you’re going to want an inch-pound torque wrench that’s right for the job. Pick the wrong one, and you’ll find it will break when applying lots of pressure (cheap build quality), gives inaccurate and unprecise readings, and generally, cause you hassle.

Of course, there are a ton of torque wrenches out there on the market to choose from – an overwhelming amount – which is why we’ve taken the liberty to search far and wide, narrowing down our selection to the best four, giving you everything you need to make the right choice for you.

Tekton 24335 ½-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

Tekton 24335 ½-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

Starting off our list of best torque wrenches with superior inch per pound, we’ve chosen this premium wrench from the leading tools manufacturer; Tekton. While sporting a mid-range price tag, this is a premium quality product with all the features you need to get the job done.

Whether you’re using it on your car or truck, or even other vehicles and machines like lawnmowers, this dual-range wrench can deliver an outstanding 10-150ft-lb output which allows you to tighten pretty much any nut or bolt you can find with precision accuracy, with a leniency of 4%.

While designed to be as simple yet as effective as possible, so a mechanic or handyman of any skill level has the ability to pick it up and use it, you’ll receive your wrench pre-calibrated, so it’s ready to use straight away.

Simply test the pressure it takes, pre-set the marker when you want it, and when you’re tightening your bolt, you’ll hear a ‘click’ sound when the pressure is reached, making it effortless to complete your jobs.

The scale itself has been specially designed to be as easy as possible to read, despite being a dual-range dial, even in low-light environments, so it doesn’t matter what time of day, or night, you’re carrying out your repairs or maintenance.

With a durable, high-quality all-steel construction that’s built to withstand all kinds of pressure and an included hard storage case, this is a wrench you’ll be able to benefit from using for many years to come.

  • Dual-range scale with easy-read design
  • All-steel construction for long-lasting product
  • Comes ready to use and pre-calibrated
  • Simple design for anybody to use
  • Mid-range price tag

Capri Tools 31200 20-150 Inch Pound Industrial Torque Wrench

Capri Tools 31200 20-150 Inch Pound Industrial Torque Wrench

If you’re looking for an outstanding torque wrench that maximizes all the benefits when it comes to the quality of the product, there’s no need to look any further than the Capri Tools Industrial Wrench. As the name suggests, this is a wrench that will survive most kinds of intense pressure and torque applications that traditional wrenches wouldn’t.

Despite the high-bracket price tag, this Capri Tools when delivers an incredible 20-150-inch per pound of torque with multiple versions available (the best being 100-600in-lb)!

From a construction standpoint, this wrench comes is produced using industrial components and leading manufacturing technology, ensuring its lifespan will outdo any wrench you compare it with.

Regarding the usage, you’ll be able to monitor your torque settings using the built-in dual-range dial with all the measurements engraved directly onto the handle, making it impossible that they’ll rub off or fade over time. However, this does mean the scale can be difficult to read from time to time, so be sure that you’re working in a light environment.

Furthermore, each wrench has been crafted to meet all ASME and DIN safety and quality standards and comes pre-calibrated in line with NIST laboratory standards for the utmost precision.

With a superior accuracy rating of 3% (far better than any of wrench on the market), a quick-release button to help you streamline your work process, a positive locking ring to help you set your required amount of pressure and a knurled handle for optimal grip, you can be sure this is one wrench that won’t let you down.

  • Outstanding inch-pound rating
  • Superior full-steel construction
  • Quick-release feature for easy working
  • Engraved, anti-loose dual-range scale
  • Premium price tag
  • Slightly smaller than conventional torque wrenches

EPAuto ¼-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

EPAuto ¼-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

If you’re planning on buying a torque wrench and want to include all the outstanding benefits a premium torque wrench provides without having to break the bank, this is the incredibly affordable wrench you’ve been looking for.
Produced by one of the leading tool manufacturers in the world, EPAuto has outdone themselves here.

Firstly, you’ll be able to enjoy the highly durable, hardened, treated Chrome/Vanadium build constructed from pure alloys, ensuring a long-lasting wrench that won’t break during use or with age.

This level of quality is only continued thanks to the hard storage case that’s included to help you keep your wrench protected at all times. Referring to the build itself, there’s a non-slip knurled handle so you have a firm grasp while in operation and a handy click sound to say when you’ve reached the required level of torque.

Each wrench comes pre-calibrated and ready to use as soon as it arrives and provides an excellent accuracy rating of +/- 4%, meaning you’ll be able to easily set the torque of any nut and bolt you have in mind, without risk of damage or affecting the safety level of your vehicle/machine.

Finally, the dual-range scale, that ranges from 20-200 inches per pound is engraved onto the handle will ensure the scale is there for many years to come and reads in both inches – pounds and Newtons, making it easy for you to work with whatever measurement works best for you.

With a clockwise operating function, a 24-tooth gear and an ample length for most tasks you’ll come across, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular wrenches around!

  • Dual-range scale for effortless reading
  • Accuracy and calibrated level of +/- 4%
  • Outstanding 20 – 200in./lb torque range
  • Solid and highly-durable build quality
  • Non-reversible operation
  • Smaller design than conventional wrenches (but this can pay off in some cases)

GearWrench 85077 ½” Drive Electronic Torque Wrench 30-340Nm

GearWrench 85077 ½” Drive Electronic Torque Wrench 30-340Nm

To conclude this extensive list of premium and best torque wrenches, we’ve chosen what is easily one of the best and easiest wrenches in the market and, although by far the most expensive, this wrench is crammed full of features and overwhelming quality which ensures it’s the last wrench you’ll ever need to buy.

Starting with the obvious, this torque wrench comes with a programmable digital screen, powered by batteries. This means instead of trying to read an accurate reading on a scale; you can simply track and record accurate measurements and pressures down to a single decimal place. That’s accuracy you’ll never have with a manual wrench.

This digital feature comes with a range of other settings, including multiple alert options for when you’re approaching the target torque level, a great way of preventing you from overtightening the nuts and bolts, as well as a vibrating handle alert, buzzer sounds and even LED lights. This means you can work accurately in any environment.

In terms of quality of the wrench itself, you can be sure it can handle anything you have to throw at it. This is because the inch-pound ranges from 30, all the way up to 340, ideal for a standard wrench that provides all the power you’ll need in the majority of circumstances.

While the wrench is fairly long (just over 10-inches), which means you’ll be able to reach many of those hard-to-reach places throughout your vehicle, but you may find you have trouble reaching around angles.

However, this can be easily overcome by moving your position around while you’re working!

  • Digital screen for accurate torque readings
  • Outstanding inch-pound up to 340
  • Various alerts when reaching required torque pressures
  • Long build for those hard to reach places
  • Not great for working with angles
  • Premium price tag


When it comes to choosing the perfect torque wrench for your automobile inventory, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of choices out there to explore.

However, by paying attention to your budget, your individual requirements and the purpose of your wrench, you can make sure you’ll make a purchasing decision that’s right the first time.