4 Best Electric Pumps for Carburetors for Enhanced Engine Performance

While your vehicle will come with a standard mechanical fuel pump that your diesel or petrol to flow around your engine, providing you with that essential level of power, there’s an increasing number of car owners who are starting to replace them with electrical alternatives.

There are several reasons why you’d want to make the change. Perhaps you’re trying to save space in your engine by opting for a more streamlined pump, so you can make other adjustments or add new modifications.

Maybe you’re looking to enhance your fuel’s flow, naturally boosting the performance, MPG and torque that your engine can provide?

While the vast majority of modern cars will already come with electric pipes, you may be looking to bring new life into your car or truck, meaning whatever reason you want to make the upgrade, you’re going to need the right pumps for the job.

When making this all-important purchasing decision, there are many considerations to be had. This includes their ease of installation, an automatic shut-off feature for the protection of your vehicle.
You’ll also want to think about things like oil pressure shut-off switches, and other safety features to stop your engine spraying fuel everywhere when something goes wrong.

While this may start to feel a bit overwhelming to you, don’t worry. Today, we’ve taken the trouble to find and list out the best electric pumps for your carburetors, helping you maximize your engine’s performance while remaining safe and engine-beneficial at all times.

Carter P4070 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump

Carter P4070 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump

The Carter P4070 electric fuel pump is one of those pumps that’ll provide all the features and optimal performance that you’re looking for in your fuel pump without breaking the bank. Firstly, regarding compatibility, these Carter fuel systems come with a universal fit Rotary pump that is suitable for the vast majority of cars and trucks.

What’s more, these pumps are internally regulated, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that come from a free flow design. That means there are no points for the flow of fuel to burn out or conventional shaft seals for the fuel to leak, all in all enforcing this pump system’s place as one of the best.

In terms of specification, these pump kits run on a 12-volt flow and pride themselves on their ¼-inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) inlet and outlet.

This all comes together to create a 4-6 psi output and a truly impressive 72 gph (Gallons Per Hour) of free flow, making sure you have real improvements made to your fuel economy and overall vehicle performance.

With all the instructions you’ll need to get you from start to finish included, as well as all the screws, nuts, washers and pieces you need to fit these pumps, this is a complete kit that will simply blow you away with just how professional, effective and easy-to-use it is.

  • Complete installation kit with everything you need to go from start to finish
  • Superior 72gph fuel free flow
  • No shaft seals or high-risk burnout points
  • Internally regulated design
  • The pump may be loud in some models
  • May be fiddly to install some parts, such as wires or nuts in smaller engines

Holley 12-801-1 Red Electric Fuel Pump

Holley 12-801-1 Red Electric Fuel Pump

If you’re in need of a faster free-flow speed for your engine, but you don’t want to have to pay out hundreds and hundreds of dollars, the Holley Red Electric Fuel Pump is an ideal choice. We’ll start by mentioning the fact that this pump comes as one connected and integrated device.

This includes all the clamps, mounting brackets, and fittings you’ll need to install this pump straight into your vehicle with minimal parts and effort, getting you ready to drive as soon as you’ve finished the upgrade.

What’s more, regarding performance, this pump allows your fuel to flow at a truly breath-taking 97gph, or 71gph if you’re running at 4psi. This is a much higher flow rate than your conventional fuel pumps, allowing you to provide a more consistent flow to the engine.

However, what we really love about this pump is the fact that when it comes to maintenance, repairs or servicing these pumps, you can simply access them from the pump end or the brush cap end. This makes it even easier than ever before to increase the overall lifespan of your pumps dramatically.

While it’s important to note that these pumps are not suitable for engines with fuel injection systems, or engines that use alcohol and methanol engines, they will be completely suitable for everything else.

  • Superior 97gph fuel free flow
  • Comes with everything for effortless installation
  • Multiple service/maintenance access points
  • 71gph on 4psi pressure
  • Mid-range price bracket
  • Not compatible with fuel injection, alcohol and methanol engines

Autobest F4027 Externally Mounted Universal Electric Fuel Pump

Autobest F4027 Externally Mounted Universal Electric Fuel Pump

Whereas the electric pumps listed above are premium pumps that are going to provide outstanding service, sometimes you won’t be looking for something to improve your engine or a pump that costs a bit extra, you just want a pump that’s going to get the job done.

Introducing the Autobest Electric Fuel Pump; one of the best affordable fuel pumps available today that’s light on your bank account but still provides the top-quality pumping experience that you’ve been looking for.

Firstly, you’ll find everything you need so you can make the repairs yourself, including the installation hardware, brackets, suggested locations and those essential instructions.

Regarding the pump itself, this gasoline-only electric pump runs on a standard 12-volt current and contains your classic 5/16-inch hose bead type outlet with an equal 5/16-inch strainer type output, ensuring it will fit the majority of older vehicles without a problem.

Nevertheless, what we really love about this set is the level of quality and durability you get with this pump set, despite it falling into such an affordable price range. You’ll be happy to know that each pump is regularly tested throughout the production process to ensure that it’s durable, reliable and isn’t going to break while in use.

This is only accompanied by the fact that the materials used in this pump have been designed and crafted to withstand the erosion-like effects of ethanol-based fuels that you’ll typically find in modern-day fuels. This is again backed up by the 12-month unlimited mileage warranty you’ll get with this pump, ensuring you’ll have a pump that’s not going to let you down.

While this pump is noticeably weaker than the other pumps listed here, with only 5-9psi ratings and a maximum free flow of 30gph, this is still an extremely effective electric pump if you’re looking for something that simply gets the job done.

  • Comes with everything you need for an effortless installation process
  • Outstanding high-quality, durable build
  • Universally compatible design and inlets/outlets
  • One of the most affordable electric pump sets
  • Weaker 30psi pressure free flow
  • Low pressure may not be suitable for some vehicles or engines

Airtex E8012 Universal Electric Fuel Pump

Airtex E8012 Universal Electric Fuel Pump

To conclude our list of the best electric pumps out there for carburetors, we’ve chosen this truly superior mid-range electric pump that’s suitable for all kinds of budget but offers an impressively competitive level of performance that can nearly match the more premium brands, meaning this is extraordinary value for money.

With a maximum pressure rating of 9psi, this pump is able to manage a typical 30gph that, although is noticeably lower than most premium brands, it’s still an acceptable balanced free flow that’s able to keep your engine running smoothly.

In terms of compatibility, this pump features the universally compatible 5/16-inch inlet and outlet holes (hose barb), ensuring they’re compatible with many carburetor engines.

While remaining in a low price range, the quality here is still never compromised. This is because the quality of each pump is thoroughly tested through the construction process, meaning it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

All the materials, polymers, brushes and commutators have been specially selected from their outstanding quality and their high-efficiency ratings, ensuring that they’ll stay safe and reliable for many years to come, free from conventional damage and even the effects of excessive use and corrosion.

This is only backed by the fact that these electric fuel pumps come with a life-long warranty which means this could be the last electric fuel pump that you’ll ever need to buy.

  • 100% quality tested throughout construction, ready to use straight away
  • Maximum of 9psi pressure rating
  • Durable quality build to protect from damage and corrosion
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Only 30gph maximum free flow limit
  • Installation process may be a learning curve


When it comes to choosing the best electric fuel pump for your carburetor engine, as you can see, there is so much choice available to you that it can be so difficult to know where to begin.

However, all the pumps that we’ve listed above are outstanding in their own rights, and incredibly competitive when it comes to their price.

Make sure you’re checking out which pump you need to buy and requirements you need for your engine, and you’ll be able to make sure that you’re making the right purchasing decision the first time around.