4 Best XJ Lift Kits For a Superior Off-Road Experience

As the proud owner of a Jeep Cherokee XJ, the chances are that you’ll have already been enjoying the incredible off-road experience that this outstanding 4×4 provides. If you haven’t, then this should be the next item on your to-do list.

However, when you’re taking your XJ out for a spin on some of the best off-road locations in the US, you never want to run the risk of getting stuck out in the Great Unknown. Whether you’re traversing mountainous slopes or fighting your way through deep water, you never know when you might find your vehicle stuck on an object you thought you could conquer.

Yet this doesn’t need to be the case. By simply investing in a specially designed lift for your Jeep, you can raise the height of your vehicle, making it far more likely that you’ll be able to effortlessly clear whatever terrain stands in your way.

With so many lift kits out there today, when you start shopping for you to call your own, you may find this a bit of an overwhelming decision. This is why we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Today, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of the four best XJ lift kits available, helping you make the perfect purchasing decision the first time around.
Supreme Suspensions Cherokee XJ Full Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions Cherokee XJ Full Lift Kit

Starting off our list, we’re chosen this outstanding premium lift kit that will do everything you need it to and more. Firstly, this kit comes with everything you need to carry out the entire lifting process.

This includes two high-performance Delrin Coil Spring Spacers and two highly durable Carbon Steel Add-a-Leafs.

You’ll also find a Transfer Case Drop Kit, the instructions on how to carry out the work yourself and all the screws, bolts and washers you need to get you effortlessly from start to finish; no additional purchases required.

Compatible with all 4WD XJ Jeeps ranging from the 1984 design to the 2011 model, this kit will provide you with three inches of lift at the front and 1.5 – 2 inches of lift at the back, all while maintaining the factory quality of your ride.

Not only will this give you all the lift you need to dramatically increase your ground clearance while you’re out on your off-road ventures, but you’ll also notice a vast and iconic improvement to the aesthetic appearance of your Jeep.

This kit will even provide you with the possibility of adding larger wheels and rims, once again making you the envy of all your neighbors.

Thanks to the effortless bolt-on design of this kit, the entire installation process will take no longer than 2 to 4 hours, depending on your experience with this kind of task. As above, there are no special tools required that you don’t already have laying around, making this one of the best kits out there today!

  • Includes everything you need to get you from start to finish
  • Effortless bolt-on installation process
  • An incredible 3-inches of lift at the front for improved ground clearance
  • Retains the factory ride quality of your drive
  • Only compatible with Jeeps between 1984 and 2001
  • May be a learning curve for first-time lifters

Rough Country 670N2 Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country 670N2 Suspension Lift Kit

If you’re an owner of a 1984-2001 Jeep XJ and still want to retain an outstanding level of lift while enjoying a superior quality build but without the premium price tag, focus your attention of the Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit.

Rough Country is one of the most renowned parts, and vehicle specialist companies in the industry and the level of experience they have is evident in this professional kit. Inside this particular kit, you’ll find two premium coil springs that are capable of increasing your Jeep’s front height by 3-inches.

Of course, you’ll also find two rear 1.5 to 2-inch Add-a-leafs and accompanying hardware. There are even four professional-quality N2.0 shocks absorbers, making your off-road driving even more comfortable.

These shocks are produced using nitrogen-charged 1 and 3/8-inch bores, making them ideal for both on and off-road experiences.

As with all Rough Country lifting kits, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of effortless bolt-installation, a process that will take no longer than 3 or 4 hours when following the included instructions.

When it comes to XJ lift kits, this is easily one of the most popular kits on the market, providing you with the results you’re after with minimal hassle and a premium quality finish.

  • Ultimate lift capability of 3-inches (1.5-2-inches at the rear)
  • Effortless 3-4-hour bolt-in installation
  • Complete kit with everything you need from start to finish
  • Included compatible shock absorbers
  • Will be easier to install with power and air tools
  • Only compatible with 1984 – 2001 Cherokee models

Zone Off-Road Products Jeep Cherokee XJ Full Suspension Lift Kit

Zone Off-Road Products Jeep Cherokee XJ Full Suspension Lift Kit

Another incredibly popular Jeep Cherokee XJ lift kit, this complete kit provides you with a whopping 4.5-inches of front lift to help you traverse any terrain you find in front of you.

As with all professional lift kits, this one comes with everything you need, including bolts, washers, and fittings, so you can be sure that you don’t need to make any additional purchases.

However, before we go any further, make sure that you’re aware that this kit is specially designed for vehicles that run off the road. This means that you’ll find 2-inch bump stock extensions which are designed to increase your Jeep’s wheel travel dramatically.

While this may be ideal for off-road, it may feel a little weird when traveling on a tarmacked drive.

If this ticks your boxes, you’ll be happy to hear that these lift springs have been designed with you in mind.

This is due to the fact that every aspect of the coil has been considered, from the type of wire used in the coil, down to the thickness and density of it, providing you with the perfect amount of spring.

This level of quality is only continued when you consider the rest of your kit. Here you’ll discover newly updated extended sway bar links. These come with their urethane mounts that help to increase durability and improve the long-term performance that these springs and bars provide.

Additionally, when it comes to the attention to detail of this kit, you’ll even benefit from the included break line relocation brackets. These brackets allow you to effortlessly, and safety, reposition the brake lines of your Jeep, so you can ensure that everything is running and operating optimally.

The entire Zone Off-Road kit has been rigorously tested countless times for its durability and performance rating, even throughout the production process, guaranteeing that the lift kit you receive comes without defect, allowing you to solely focus on making your upgrades and returning to doing what you love.

This all comes together to supply you with a premium lift kit for a truly competitive mid-range price that will help you to enjoy your off-road adventures for many years to come.

  • Competitive mid-range price tag
  • An outstanding quality product that’s completed multiple quality tests
  • Everything you need to go from start to finish
  • Specially designed off-road springs to provide the best experience
  • Only designed for off-road use, not road use
  • Requires retightening after 200 miles, then 500 miles and then you’ll be set

Rough Country Suspension 623N2 Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country Suspension 623N2 Suspension Lift Kit

To finish off, we’ve chosen another awesome lift kit from Rough Country; this one capable of producing a huge amount of lift that will see you soaring regardless of whether you’re traveling on road or off-road.

With this kit, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible 4.5-inches of lift at the front of your Jeep, as long as you’re driving a 4WD 1984 to 2001 model. As we mentioned in the last kit, this kit prides itself on its effortless bolt-on installation that means you can be completed from start to finish in as little as 5 – 6-hours.

With this kit, you’ll find everything you need to carry out the upgrade work, including four premium nitrogen-charged shock absorbers to help you glide over any terrain you choose to traverse. You’ll even find all the washers, brackets, nut and bolts, as well as all the instructions to help you along the way.

Every aspect of this kit has been specially designed for your XJ Jeep which means that everything will fit into place with minimal hassle and no reason whatsoever to try and force anything into place.

Boasting an incredibly competitive and affordable price tag, this could be the lift kit you ever need to purchase.

  • Complete lift kit with everything you need
  • Effortless installation process (5-6 hours)
  • Increase your Jeep’s height by an incredible 4.5-inches
  • Outstanding premium shock absorbers included
  • Mid-range to premium price tag
  • Instructions may be a learning curve for those without experience


As an avid off-road fanatic, it’s essential that you make sure that you’re making the right choice when it comes to picking the best suspension lift kit for your Jeep Cherokee XJ.

All the kits that we’ve listed above are truly outstanding in their own right, and you’re sure to find the best kit for you, your beloved vehicle and your budget.