4 Best Sounding BOVs For A Ferocious Engine Roar

As an owner of a turbocharged car, you’ll already know just how incredible they are to drive. The thrill of an outstanding 0-60 ride that throws you back in your seat while remaining entirely comfortable and smooth, well, there’s nothing like it.

However, despite the gritty experience these vehicles provide, a common let-down of these cars is the sound you make while shifting gear.

Of course, putting the pedal to the medal gives you that performance-related roar you’ve grown to love, but when shifting gear, you want a turbo flutter sound to match that’s surely going to turn some heads as you’re cruising around. This means you’re going to need a blow-off value.

When it comes to choosing the right blow-off valve for your ride, you’re going to want to choose the best one for you the first time around. By making the right choice, you’ll be able to enjoy all the superior benefits that come from a great sounding BOV, without any stress or hassle and still remain within your budget.

To help you make this vital decision, we’ve searched far and wide and, after much deliberation, have managed to narrow down the market to just four of the best. When you’re looking for a premium, awesome-sounding blow off valve, feast your eyes on these absolute champions.
GReddy Blow-Off Value

GReddy Blow-Off Valve

To start with, we’ve chosen the GReddy BOV, an outstanding mid-range valve that provides a truly unique yet utterly ground-breaking turbocharged flutter that will bring your gear change sounds up to par with the rest of your performance vehicle.

It’s worth noting that this model has, in fact, been so popular that it was last updated back in 2013. This is because they managed to get it right, so there’s no reason to make any more adjustments! This latest generation of turbo BOV prides itself on its unique Floating Valve design.

This includes a revised and fully adjustable dual spring system inside. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that come from with an outstanding response time, new and improved valve travel, a dramatically increased amount of air flow and even a top-notch level of added resistance, minimizing the risk of premature valve lift.

Altogether, you’ll get to enjoy an outstanding sound that’s always synchronized with your vehicle and what you’re doing with it. If you’ve used a GReddy BOV before, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve maintained their push valve structure and internal silicone diaphragm control to provide you with the best experience.

On the design itself, you’ll find slimline CNC outlets with added discharge ports. This feature allows the valve to draw in surrounding air, giving it the ability to maximize the BOV sound that it’s producing.

All in all, it’s safe to say that this is one of the top contenders when it comes blow-off valves; one that won’t leave you disappointed.

  • Fully adjustable internal dual spring system
  • Discharge ports of superior air-based amplification
  • Incredible response time and internal air flow system
  • Beautiful-sounding switch-gear sound generated
  • Mid-range to premium price bracket

Turbosmart T-0203-1061 Blow-Off Value

Turbosmart T-0203-1061 Blow-Off Valve

Next up, we’ve chosen another top-quality blow-off valve from the coveted Turbosmart creators that not only provide you with a truly mind-blowing turbocharged sound to match the rest of your vehicle, but also comes at an incredibly competitive price tag.

More commonly referred to as the ‘Kompact Shortie,’ this fixed 50/50 vented valve has been specially designed to match with all BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos effortlessly, but remains versatile and universal nonetheless, especially if you’re using an adapter.

In fact, these valves are even compatible with Ford EcoBoost engines, another popular turbocharged brand.

Some of the other compatible vehicles include Fords, Volvos, and even Porsches, ensuring you’ll be able to fit this valve into your engine. All the instructions you need to fit the valve yourself come with your purchase, so there’s no reason you’ll have to pay for installation.

What really sets this blow-off valve apart from the rest is the fact that it’s designed and crafted using durable metal materials. This means you can drive safely in the knowledge that your valve won’t crack through excessive boosting, unlike their conventional plastic counterparts.

Inside each valve, you’ll also find an O-ring sealed piston which is used to work in unison with the billet aluminum construction of the valve. This provides many advantages, such as being able to throttle your valve up to an outstanding 30PSI of boost, making this one of the most capable valves available.

  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles and turbocharged engines
  • Comes with everything you need to install it yourself
  • Competitive and affordable price tag
  • Has an incredible 30PSI boost handling capacity
  • None!

TurboXS BOV-SML Blow-Off Value

TurboXS BOV-SML Blow-Off Valve

If you’re looking for a premium quality blow-off valve, but you don’t want to break the bank, and maintaining a budget is one of your top priorities, the TurboXS Blow-Off Valve is an excellent option.

This awesome little valve is originally manufactured and produced for Hyundai/Mitsubishi engines, in particular, those built between 2010 and 2016, but it’s worth checking to see whether it’s compatible with yours. This is because many turbocharged engines will use these parts, ensuring this valve is the ideal choice.

The leading feature of is the dual O-ring design which all the premium manufacturers use for its durability of boost, long-life capabilities and, of course, the gorgeous sounds that it produces. This type of valve design means the producers have been able to use a soft spring within the valve itself.

This means you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of an ultra-fast response time while providing you with ultimate high boost pressure. In fact, this valve works best in any boost range from 10psi to 30psi and above, making this incredible value for money.

The sound you’ll be producing thanks to this valve is sure to give you goose-bumps. It’s much more raw and gritty than other conventional blow-off valves but still remains smooth and uninterrupted. Of course, the volume it will produce is also out of this world and you’re sure to turn heads while you’re driving around.

All in all, these features all come together to provide with an exceptional blow-off valve kit that you’re instantly going to fall in love with.

  • Compatible with a vast range of turbocharged vehicles
  • Incredibly competitive price tag
  • Versatile boost pressure compatibility of 10 – 30+psi
  • Direct replacement to Hyundai and Mitsubishi engines
  • May not be as compatible as other blow-off valves
  • None!

GFB 08-10+ WRX 05-09 LGT TMS Response Blow-Off Value Kit

GFB 08-10+ WRX / 05-09 LGT TMS Respons Blow-Off Valve Kit

To conclude our list of best blow-off valves, we’ve opted for this awesome mid-range kit that has been available for several years yet still remains one of the most popular kits to date. This 5-star rated product comes with everything you need in one convenient package, meaning you can get the upgrade completed from start to finish by yourself.

There’s even a 5mm wrench included so you can get everything completed, even if you don’t have the essential tools laying around at home or in your garage! You’ll also find all the installation instructions included which mean you won’t need to pay out for a professional fitting.

Furthermore, whereas cheap knock-off blow-of valves are designed to maintain your budget, this kit is designed to go the extra mile and last for many years to come while still being able to provide you with that spine-tingling flutter sound you’ve been looking for.

This goosebump-inducing sound is truly impressive, and some might say it’s definitely up there with the premium models. But wait, there’s more.

The feature that really stands out for this model is the fact that the entire blow-off valve is completely adjustable.

This means you’ll be able to find the exact settings, sound and performance you’ve been looking for, as well as being able to fine-tune it, so it’s perfect, no matter what vehicle you’re fitting it into.

With a long-lasting metal design that’s designed to withstand your boost pressure and lasts for many years to come, this is one reliable blow-off valve you can’t regret investing in.

  • One of the most popular blow-off valve kits available
  • Compatible with a vast range of vehicles
  • Includes all the parts and tools you need to get the job done
  • Long-lasting and highly reliable build quality
  • None!


When it comes to choosing the best blow-off valve to accompany your turbocharged engine, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different makes and models that are on offer. However, by making sure you’re considering the sort of sound you want, the ease of installation and the price you’re willing to spend, this process becomes effortless.

All four of the blow-off kits we’ve listed above are truly spectacular when it comes to performance and the overall quality of sound, ensuring you’re enjoying the driving style you’ve been looking for. The kits above are designed to be long-lasting and reliable thanks to the premium materials used during production.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your vehicle with one of these superior blow-off kits today!