5 Best Rough Country Lift Kits They Have Ever Produced For Your Vehicles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the chances are that you’re going to have heard of Rough Country. Well, if you’re an avid fan of tinkering around with your vehicle and make much-needed alterations and modifications, you definitely should have.

If you need a part, an upgrade, a replacement, or even just an accessory, for many motorheads Rough Country is going to be their first point of call. Why? Because Rough Country pride themselves on producing some of the highest quality products available on today’s market, and then couple that with the most affordable prices; it’s easy to see why you have such a popular company.

Today, we’re going to delve into the prestigious and industry-leading world of Rough Country, focusing specifically on their lift kits. Of course, these are kits that are installed onto your vehicle, usually a truck, to boost the height of your ride, as well as making the drive far more comfortable and enjoyable.

In some cases, you can even enhance the load handling capacity of your ride, and level out any slants or angles you may have from your factory suspension. Addressing any of these issues will require getting the right lift kit in the first place, which is why we’re here to help.

We’ve trawled through the Rough Country inventory and emerged with just five of the best lift kits available today. Compare these five headliners with your personal requirements, and you can be sure you’ll find the kit you’re looking for.

Rough Country 1305 2.5” Suspension Leveling Lift KIt

Rough Country 1305 2.5” Suspension Leveling Lift Kit

Starting off our list, we’ve opted for this highly versatile and incredibly affordable lift kit which is a prime example of the quality and performance that Rough Country is capable of producing. Ideally, this is a lift kit you’ll want to use on Silverado’s and Sierra’s.

This leveling lift kit contains two front strut mounts, spacers, and then two 2-inch lift blocks for the rear of your vehicle. This means you’ll have a slight 0.5-inch slant backward since the front mounts are 2.5-inches, but this is ideal for getting the power you’ll need if you’re off-road and ascending all kinds of terrain.

Another benefit of this kit is the fact you can enjoy an effortless bolt-on installation, which only takes around 3-4 hours since everything you need, including instructions. We found these instructions to be slightly more complex than you would expect, especially if this is your first time doing something like this, but we found plenty of support online that can help.

Another downside to these instructions is that they don’t specify which parts go at the back or at the front. The rear parts are the ones with the slant, so make sure you put them at the back, otherwise, your ride will be tilting the wrong way. Apart from these tiny niggles, we found the rest of this kit to be pretty flawless.

Regarding the quality of this build, the main leveling components are developed and produced from durable Factory Cast Steel, which means you can take advantage of the solid build which is designed to last for many years to come, making this one great kit from your original vehicles.

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Comes with components for both the front and back of your vehicle
  • Designed for Silverados and Sierras
  • Produced from durable factory cast steel
  • Instructions can be hard to follow, especially for first-time lifters
  • No changes to the quality of your suspension

Rough Country 62-0N2 4-Inch Suspension Lift System with Shocks

Rough Country 62-0N2 4-Inch Suspension Lift System with Shocks

Next up, we’ve chosen this outstanding lift kit known as the 62-0N2. This particular kit is designed for Jeep vehicles between the years of 1987 and 1995, making the ideal choice if you’re keeping your Jeep updated, or working on a restoration project.

Within the kit, you’ll find a ton of parts and features to install onto your vehicle. These include front leaf springs, a power steering arm, brake line relocation brackets, bump stops and all the nuts, bolts and fixtures you need to connect it all up. In all, you’ll receive an epic 4-inches of lift, which is much greater than conventional lift kit. All this provided in one of the most affordable kits we could find!

You’ll see a copy of each part four times, so you can install the lift kit onto every wheel of your Jeep, that includes both the front and the back of your ride. The installation process uses Rough Country’s effortless bolt-on process and comes with all the instructions and everything you need to complete the task. It tends to averagely take around 6-8 hours.

What we also really love about this kit is the fact that it comes with four Premium N3 (nitro-charged) Shock absorbers you can install in addition to your lift kit. This is so you can maximize the comfort levels of your ride, making this kit ideal if you’re planning on taking your Jeep off-road and onto the uneven terrain. It also makes your Wrangler look amazing!

It’s worth noting this kit is only compatible with power steering enabled, 4WD models of the Jeep, but if your vehicle fits the bill, this could be everything you’ll ever need when it comes to a lift kit. However, as with all Rough Country kits, and any other kits, we highly recommend checking your installation regularly up until the first 100 miles, just so you can make sure everything is fitted securely and connected properly.

Apart from that, this kit is pretty much all you’ll need it to be. There are no real downsides to this product, and you can buy it safe in the knowledge that it’s going to do exactly what you need it to do!

  • An incredible 4-inches of lift
  • Suitable for Jeeps between the years of 1987 and 1995
  • Comes with everything you need for a 6-8-hour installation
  • Comes with four nitrogen-charged shock absorbers
  • Only compatible with 4WD, power steering models
  • Not suitable for non-power steering models

Rough Country 670N2 3-Inch Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep 84-01

Rough Country 670N2 3-Inch Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep 84-01

If you’re the proud owner of a Jeep Cherokee, you’re in for a treat with this next Rough Country lift kit. Although this kit provides 3-inches of lift, this is one of the simplest kits in terms of parts, but still provides all the professional benefits you’d expect from this leading manufacturer.

Looking inside, we found lifted coil springs for both the front and back of your Jeep and all the hardware you need to bolt them on and install them effortlessly. You’ll only need common hand tools to carry out this task as there’s no welding required, but these tools are commonly found in a mechanical workshop.

You’ll also find four nitrogen-charged shock absorbers which are crafted from highly durable and reliable materials, such as hardened Chrome and filled with military spec fluid. You don’t need us to tell you that this kit simply oozes quality. These shocks are designed to provide you with the most comfortable ride, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling off or on the road.

With all the instructions included, you can expect an easy 3-4-hours installation time, which means you can be up and running in no time at all, and back driving on the roads you love! We did find that it takes a while to ‘break in’ this kit, but the fixtures and parts should have settled around the 400-mile mark, and then you can enjoy an extremely comfortable lifted ride.

Apart from the settling-in time, we found this to be another awesome product by Rough Country, and one where you really can’t go wrong!

  • Everything you need to install within 3-4-hours
  • Effortless bolt-on installation
  • Ideal kit for Jeeps between 1984 and 2001
  • Comes with premium N2.0 Shock Absorbers
  • Only compatible with Jeep vehicles
  • May take several hundred miles to settle the kit

Rough Country 2-Inch Front End Leveling Kit

Rough Country 2-Inch Front End Leveling Kit

If you’re searching for something a little subtler which doesn’t require much work to install and provides a nice, ample amount of lift without being too dramatic, we highly recommend this as your lift kit of choice. However, in reality, this isn’t so much a lift kit, but more a leveling kit to even out your ride.

This kit is incredibly versatile and affordable, making it suitable for drivers of any budget. It’s also compatible with a wide range of vehicles, so the chances are it’s going to fit yours, but you can always check before you buy. What you do is simply bolt-on your lifts to the front of your vehicle using the instructions which we found really easy to follow, and you’ll be able to enjoy up to 2-inches of lift.

The entire process will take up to around 3-4 hours to complete, and we found plenty of support online if you get stuck and feel like you need a hand. However, we don’t think you’ll need it, and we found no reports of the installation being at all difficult, even for someone who has never installed a lift kit before! God bless you Rough Country.

You can apply this solution to any vehicle that uses OEM control arms for maximum compatibility. You can run this kit with any tire size up to 32-inches, and there’s not even a need to disassemble the strut, making using this kit as easy as possible. Even with all these great features in mind, there really isn’t any negatives to this kit, which is why it deserves a place on our list!

  • Compatible with a full range of vehicles from different years
  • Supplies up to 2-inches of front lift
  • Can be effortlessly bolted on in 3-5 hours
  • Maintains the ride quality that your vehicle already has
  • Doesn’t lift the back of your vehicle
  • Doesn’t really add any improvements to gas mileage

Rough Country 28330 1.5-2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Rough Country 28330 1.5-2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Finally, to finish off our list of the best Rough Country lift kits available on today’s market, we’ve chosen the 28330 kit. This is compatible with all kinds of 4WD vehicles, including Chevrolets, Silverado’s and GMC, but you can also check online or call up Rough Country to make sure your vehicle is compatible.

With this kit, you’ll be able to lift both the front and rear of your vehicle between 1.5 and 2-inches, increasing your overall ground clearance, improving your gas mileage, and all while retaining the comfort and overall quality of your ride.

This is all thanks to the blocks that are can installed onto the rear of your vehicle, alongside the accompanying N3 shock absorbers. These are easily one of the best features of this kit since you can maximize the comfort of your drive, as well as maximize the performance of your vehicle both on and off the road.

As with all Rough Country kits, this one comes with all the nuts, bolts, washers and things you need to install the kit to your drive yourself, this time in as little as 1-2-hours. This is because you can easily bolt-on the kit, and there’s no need to cut or weld anything, making sure this is one of the most stress-free experiences.

As with all Rough Country lift kits, there’s plenty of support online if you need hand, but we can almost guarantee that you’re not going to need it. Ease of use is what Rough Country do best. Enjoy!

  • Comes with N3 shock absorbers for the most comfortable ride
  • Can be installed in as little as 1-2-hours
  • Enhance the performance of your car both on and off the road
  • Compatible with a range of 4WD vehicles
  • Will take longer for the first-time installer
  • No shock boots included with the kit


All in all, it’s easy to see why Rough Country is leading the game when it comes to vehicles parts and accessories. The company prides themselves on just how innovative, and superior they are when it comes to the performance of their lift kits.

When finding the one that’s right for you, making sure you’re matching up what you’re looking for, the specs of your vehicle and the price you’re willing to spend, and you can be sure you’ll find the perfect kit in no time at all.