4 Best Off-Road Hitches to Assist You On Your Adventures

It’s all well and good having a hitch that connects to whatever it is you’re hauling on the road. This could be your caravan for your holidays, a trailer for your bike or ATV, or anything that you would like to connect to the back of your vehicle.

However, there’s a difference between driving with something hitched on the road and driving across off-road terrain with the same thing. If you’re already the owner of a hitch, you’ll already know full well that your hitch wouldn’t do great if it was subject to uneven terrain.

With this in mind, if you’re planning to haul something off-road, you’re going to need an off-road hitch. But then this begs the question, which hitch is right for you? Which one is going to perform reliably and safely while making sure your vehicle and cargo are secure at all times?

To figure this out, we’ve gone out of our way to help. We’ve searched up and down the market and narrowed what’s out there to just four of the best. Our search criteria included performance, reliability, strength, connectivity and, of course, price.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect off-road hitch for safely moving your cargo, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s jump straight into it!

Lock N Roll Off-Road Trailer Hitch

Lock N Roll Off-Road Trailer Hitch

To get this list started, we’ve chosen an off-road hitch which is great if you’re looking to haul around a trailer in all kinds of terrain. While this is the most expensive hitch on our list, it does come with a ton of features you’re going to love.

What makes hitch great is that is can slide into your standard 2-inch receiver tube on any vehicle. This means if you’re already using a receiver tube for your trailers, this hitch is already fully compatible without needing to make any extra purchases.

What’s more, the craftsmanship of this hitch is fantastic, which is what makes it so great for off-road use. The unit itself is produced using solid alloy steel which is highly durable and built to survive while traveling across any terrain, regardless of the cargo you’re hauling.

This is then complemented by the solid 1-inch bearing which an accompanying grease port. This makes maintenance and servicing of your hitch effortless, once again adding to the overall lifespan of this product.

All in all, this hitch is capable of supporting up to 11,000 pounds of weight, which is more than enough for those things you’re going to haul, whether that’s a trailer, ATV or caravan. We also love the fact that this is backed up by the unit exceeding all requirements for an SAE standard J684 safety regulations.

With the high price tag aside, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that this is a hitch that’s built to last. There are really no negatives to this hitch, which is why we’re choosing it as one of the best!

  • Capable of supporting up to 11,000 pounds in weight
  • Crafted using solid alloy steel for maximum durability
  • Fits into any universal 2-inch receiver tube
  • Maintenance is easy thanks to the integrated grease port
  • The premium price tag

Curt Manufacturing 48007 Receiver Mount Ball & Pintle Combination

Curt Manufacturing 48007 Receiver Mount Ball & Pintle Combination

Another excellent product here from Curt Manufacturing which is another great hitch for off-road hauling. Just like the hitch above, this one comes with a 2×2-inch receiver tube opening, so it can be effortlessly fitted to your existing trailer connection without the need for additional purchases.

On the other end of this unit, you’ll find the ability to connect any trailer or attachment with a 2-inch coupler, as well as any lunette eyes with a 2.5 to 3-inch diameter. That makes this hitch fantastic if you’re looking maximum compatibility with the equipment you use.

Regarding the quality of this hitch, this product excels. The unit itself is produced using solid forged steel for maximum durability and is then protected using a powder coat finish that helps to protect it from any external elements you may encounter.

This includes rain, snow, ice as well as ample protection from corrosion such as rust. This level of secure quality then continues with the coupling itself which uses a spring-loaded locking arm design. This is to make sure your cargo is connected securely at all times without the risk of breaking away during transit.

However, what really sets this hitch apart from the rest is its outstanding load capacity. This totals around the 16,000-pound mark, which is more than enough to haul anything you plan on carrying.

The only downside we can really find with this hitch is the fact that it sticks out more lengthwise than most hitches. This is around the 6-inch mark, which you may not be used to driving around with, but this will be solved through practice and experience with using it.

All in all, this is great off-road hitch that’s operates to a high-performance level and all for a great price, making this another one of the best hitches available today!

  • A staggering 16,000-pounds of load capacity
  • A protective powder coating for extra resilience against external elements
  • Constructed using highly durable allow forged steel
  • Highly compatible with a vast range of trailers and connections
  • Sticks out of your truck by around a foot

Lock N Roll 4-Inch Drop Rise Trailer Hitch (PN 517)

Lock N Roll 4-Inch Drop/Rise Trailer Hitch (PN 517)

If you’re looking for a more customizable trailer hitch that can be used to give you full flexibility when connecting your accessories, ultimately improving your safety and maneuverability, there may not be any reason to look further than this next Lock N Roll Hitch.

In essence, this hitch is fairly similar to the first Lock N Roll hitch we listed above. It’s produced using the same solid alloy steel and comes with a handy 1-inch diameter bearing for all your connections, as well as the grease port so you can easily keep your hitch working to its full potential.

The kind of bearing used means you can also enjoy full 360° rotation while you’re hauling, which again makes it ideal for off-road use and tackling any tricky or diverse types of terrain you may come across.

This unit is again designed to exceed all SAE J684 safety and performance regulations and requirements and is capable of supporting up to 11,000-pounds in load capacity. As far as hitches go, this one guarantees to give you pretty much everything you need.

However, the feature here that sets this hitch apart from the others is the integrated ability to change your load height. One of the most common problems when hitching something is trying to make sure you get an accurate fit with the receiver tube.

Failure to find a secure connection and the hitch will be prone to breaking or shearing off the moment it comes into contact with less than desirable terrain. With this hitch, that’s not a problem.

This is all thanks to the latching mechanism that can be adjusted from the center point either 4-inches up or 4-inches down. These settings are easily adjustable by hand, and you can guarantee the perfect fit in a matter of minutes.

Since this is such a premium quality hitch, the price is slightly more than your typical hitch, but we’re sure you’ll agree the benefits and durability the product completely outweigh this cost. The hitch is solid and doesn’t really have any negatives bar the price, securing this hitch’s place on our list.

  • Capable of supporting up to 11,000-pounds in load capacity
  • Exceeds all SAE J684 standard regulations
  • A solid 1-inch diameter bearing with grease port
  • Ability to adjust height within an 8-inch range
  • The cost

Reese Towpower 74116 2-Inch Ball and Pintle Hook

Reese Towpower 74116 2-Inch Ball and Pintle Hook

To finish off our list of the best off-road hitches, we’ve chosen this super-affordable hitch which is ideal for budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to compromise on quality, performance or durability.

This particular model is incredibly easy to use with a simple yet secure locking system that minimizes the risk of breakage during use. This is then complemented by the extra protective features such as a corrosion resistant finish that helps to minimize damage from pollutants and the weather.

However, unlike the other hitches on this list, this one will need to be physically mounted onto your vehicle. Everything you’ll need is included, and the hitch itself is designed with a grade 8 mounting hardware kit for a secure connection every time.

All in all, this 2-inch ball and pintle design is capable of supporting up to 8-ton in load capacity, which is on par with the other leading hitches on this list (16,000-pounds) and is a tremendous amount of weight to be hauling around both on and off the road.

This is a really high-quality and stable hitch, which is surprising considering the low price, and the fact there are really no negative points. While installation may take longer than usual, once you’re done, you’re done!

  • Easy to use ball and pintle lock system
  • Can support up to 16,000-pounds in load capacity
  • The incredibly affordable price tag
  • Crafted using durable solid steel
  • Requires a lengthy installation/mounting time
  • Fixed and non-adjustable lift height


As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic hitches available if you’re planning on hauling your load or cargo across off-road terrain. With a variety of options and price ranges available, all you need to do is pick the one that best suits what you’re looking for, and you’ll be ready to go on your next mission or venture!