5 Best LED Tail Lights for Maximizing Safety and Rear-View Visibility

While you may pay attention to all kinds of aspect of your vehicle, whether it’s your sound system, the comfort of your seats, or countless improvements to your engine or main body components, how often do you pay attention to the nitty-gritty details of your drive?

For example, have you considered the tail lights you’re using, and how they could be affecting your ride, whether that’s regarding visibility, or most importantly, safety? If you’re unhappy with the standard, factory lights that came with your vehicle and you’re serious about making a worthwhile upgrade, you’re going to want to invest in LEDs.

However, when choosing the right LEDs for you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the vast range of cheaper, knock-off and downright expensive lights available. So, instead of having to trawl through these products, we’ve done all the hard work for you, giving you everything you need to make the right decision.

We’ve searched high and low through the market and managed to finally narrow down the extensive selection to just five of the best. These five LEDs are ideal for your vehicle, no matter what reason you want to make the upgrade and come at a good price. So, without further ado, here are the five best-LED lights for your tail lights.

LUYED 900 Lumens Super Bright 3014 78-EX Chipsets Xenon White (2-Pack)

LUYED 900 Lumens Super Bright 3014 78-EX Chipsets Xenon White (2-Pack)

To kickstart our list, we’re going straight in at what is easily renowned by many for being the best LEDs in the business. Not only are these the most popular and feature-full lights out there, there are also one of the most affordable, in short, meaning you may not be any need to look further than these.

With this pack, you’ll find two bulbs (one for each side of your vehicle) that contain 78-piece chipset technology. This means when you turn the lights on, you’ll have 78 chips lighting up, totaling an incredible 900 lumens in light.

This is more than enough than enough lumens to light up the rear-end of your vehicle, ultimately maximizing your visibility to keep you safe while you’re out on the road. However, do note that these bulbs are unsuitable to be used as signaling lights.

These lights work at a standard of 12-volts to 24-volts, but on some vehicles, you may need to add a 50W 6-OHM load resistor to prevent the risk of hyper flashing, but these are relatively affordable and can be found online.

These lights produce a powerful xenon white glow but will shine up red if you fix them into your tail lights. Not only are these bulbs super bright, but they also require a low amount of energy to power and boast a beam angle of 360°. We also found these bulbs incredibly easy to install, and you could even use them in the front-end of your ride.

However, it’s worth noting that these bulbs don’t have the capacity to be used as blinker/indicator lights, so just a heads up before you buy. Also, on some models of vehicle, you may experience hyper flashing once installed, but this can be easily corrected by investing in a 50W (6OHM) load resistor, which can be found affordably online.

The manufacturer states these bulbs provide around 50,000 hours of life, and there aren’t any reports of this lifespan not being achieved. We also love that these bulbs come with advanced heat dissipation technology that stops the bulbs from becoming damaged due to overheating. What more could you ask for in an LED tail light bulb?

  • Contains heat dissipation technology to prevent the damage of overheating
  • 78-piece chipset technology
  • Up to 900 lumens of xenon white light
  • 360° of beam coverage
  • May require a 50W load resistor to prevent hyper flashing
  • Cannot be used as signal bulbs

Alla Lighting 7443 LED Bulbs Super Bright T20 Wedge Replacement Tail Light

Alla Lighting 7443 LED Bulbs Super Bright T20 Wedge Replacement Tail Light

While these Alla bulbs are slightly more expensive, this two-piece set is another powerful LED solution that could be exactly what you’re looking for. What really sets these bulbs apart is the fact that they come in three different colors(Red, yellow and white_, so you can choose the one that best suits the location of the bulb you’re replacing.

With these bulbs, we found that it’s designed as a 39-piece set that provides you with a high-output level of light which provides around 1000 lumens per bulb. This is only complimented by the fact that it comes with 360-degree coverage, ultimately maximizing the light coverage of each bulb. While this total output is less than some other bulbs on this list, it’s still bright enough, and may even be too bright for people driving behind you!

When connecting it up, you’ll need to make sure that your vehicle is powering these bulbs with a voltage between 12-18-volts for the best final effect. To increase the performance of these bulbs, they even come with an IC driver built into it. However, it’s worth noting that on some vehicle models, hyper flashing or light error codes may be displayed after you’ve installed them.

Nevertheless, this is a common issue with most bulbs and can be easily rectified by installing a load resistor of 50W. These are affordable and can be found easily by conducting a quick online search. However, this risk of this happening with these bulbs are minimal, since they have been designed to actively counteract this issue.

We also like that the compatibility of these bulbs is near universal, since they are designed to fit a broad range of vehicles and come with adjustable and interchangeable fitments, so you can guarantee that perfect fit. They are also compatible with both standard and CK/SRCK types. This means installation is effortless, and in most cases, you’ll be able to plug them in, wire them up and go!

These bulbs also come with a one-year warranty, so if they don’t work or break mid-use, you can simply order a replacement for free! In most cases, they’ll even just tell you to keep your faulty bulb so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary shipping.

  • Compatible with a vast range of vehicles and fitments
  • 39-piece design for ultimate light levels of 1000 lumens per bulb
  • Comes with 360° of beam coverage
  • Enhanced performance thanks to integrated IC driver
  • May require a load resistor if ‘Lamp Out’ warning is tripped
  • Less lumens produced compared with other bulbs

JDM ASTAR 1260 Lumens PX Chipset LED Tail Light

JDM ASTAR 1260 Lumens PX Chipset LED Tail Light

Similar to the other LED bulbs we’ve listed here, JDM is another high-performance solution for when you’re looking to upgrade or replace your tail lights. This purchase contains one pair of bulbs, giving you the ability to completely upgrade your tail lights.

These PX chipset bulbs are capable of producing up to 1260 lumens, guaranteeing this product’s place as one of the brightest taillight bulb sets on the market. This is all thanks to the design of the bulb, which may be surprising since it’s made with 21 pieces, which is considerably less than other brands but still just as bright.

We love that this pack is designed to be compatibility with a truly extensive range of vehicles and should fit the majority of fixtures and fittings. Of course, you can check this out before you buy by referring to the list to see whether your vehicle is listed.

These LED bulbs are suitable for all your rear-end lights, including brake lights, signal lights, and tail lights. Of course, the total brightness will depend on what position you install your bulb, and the intensity may vary depending on the voltage that each location receives.

Nevertheless, these bulbs can shine as much as three times brighter than your traditional stock bulbs, maximizing visibility and safety. What’s more, since these bulbs come with a one-year guarantee, you can buy safe in the knowledge that you’re purchasing a product you can trust.

There’s really not any negative points to say about these bulbs. Many reports claim these bulbs can last for years, installation is as easy as plug in and go, and the super high brightness output is more than you’ll need for the rear-end of your ride, although these are ever-so slightly more expensive than the other bulbs on this list.

  • Bulbs are three times brighter than your standard stock bulbs
  • Up to 1260 Lumens of light with 360° beam coverage
  • Can be used for all rear-end light fixtures
  • Comes in a pair for a full upgrade
  • Slightly more expensive than other LED bulb sets on this list

Partsam 2Pack Xenon White Daytime Running Light LED Bulb Set

Partsam 2Pack Xenon White Daytime Running Light LED Bulb Set

If you’re looking for an affordable bulb set that’s been specifically designed for your Dodge, most notably your Chevrolet, this is the bulb set you’re going to be looking for. These particular bulbs are defined as DRL (Daytime Running Light) Bulbs, which means they’re just as powerful in the day as they are the night.

These standard fixture bulbs come with a fixture rating of 3157, but it’s important to note that they aren’t compatible with special CK 3157 fixtures. This predominately means these bulbs are ideal for Dodge vehicles, but you can alway check beforehand to see if they’ll fit your ride, whatever make and model you may own.

However, if these bulbs are compatible for you, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that come from a manufacturer lifespan of over 50,000 hours, and there are very few complaints that this isn’t achievable, although they do exist in some cases, claiming a total of around a year.

You can easily install these bulbs by simply plugging them into your fitting, and you’ll be good to go right off the bat. Some of the other leading features here include fast, low-latency on/off response times, a vibration-resistant build, and the ability to flip the bulb 180° if it’s not working once installed since both sides are slightly different to maximize the chances of compatibility.

While these bulbs may be limited to the cars they can fit compared to other sets, they are extremely affordable and extremely high-quality, these bulbs deserve a place near the top of your wishlist.

  • Incredibly affordable pair bulb set
  • Up to 50,000 hours of operational use
  • Designed to withstand everyday vibrations
  • DRL technology built-in
  • Mainly compatible with a range of Dodge vehicles
  • May only last a year, depending on make and model of your vehicle

iBrightStar Newest Super BrightLow Power LED Bulbs

iBrightStar Newest Super Bright/Low Power LED Bulbs

To finish up our list, we’ve chosen this incredibly affordable pair of LED bulbs that are ideal for all kinds of makes and models of vehicle and come with all the features and functions you would expect from a leading pair of bulbs.

This set operates on a super-powerful rating of 9-30-volts and can be easily installed into most vehicles seamlessly thanks to their plug and play technology. We love that ease of installation because it was simply no hassle to pop them in, and we were up and running within a matter of minutes!

While on the subject of installation, it’s worth noting you can also install safely in the knowledge that these bulbs can be used for any of your rear light fixtures, including brake lights and signals. In short, this is a great universal bulb set!

With these bulbs, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that come from a 300% brighter bulb that your stock edition, as well as IC technology, as well as awesome heat distribution and low power consumption. All these features come together to enhance the overall lifespan of your bulbs, guaranteeing their performance up to several years.

All in all, we love these bulbs for their all-rounded performance, impressive lifespan and the fact that they’re just so bright! Instead of replacing your bulbs with factory equivalents, why not upgrade to a set like this for the best experience, all without breaking the bank?

  • Contains integrated IC technology for a longer lifespan
  • Up to 300% brighter than your factory bulb
  • Operates between 9-30 volts
  • Essential heat distribution and low power consumption
  • None!


It doesn’t matter whether you’re upgrading your tail lights, or simply replacing a faulty one, there are plenty of packs and sets out there that can ensure you have the right bulbs for the job. Any of the five bulbs we’ve listed above are ideal solutions, so simply pick the ones you want and enjoy!