5 Best Headlight Sealant to Maximize Night Time Visibility

Headlight sealant? You may be thinking ‘oh yeah, something I’m going to buy and use once while it sits in the workshop until I find it and chuck it out,’ but this shouldn’t be the case. It doesn’t matter if you own one vehicle, several, or work with vehicles for a living, headlight sealant should be an integral part of your mechanical inventory.

In short, headlight sealant is applied around your headline to, yup, you guessed it, seal it from external elements. This includes water, moisture, bugs, dirt, dust, fog, and even from ultraviolet light. Of course, the headlights on your vehicle are absolutely vital if you want to see at night or in low-light conditions.

What’s more, if you’re involved in an accident during these low-light conditions and your headlights are not up to standard or have a problem with the visibility they provide, you can also be found at fault of the incident, even if it isn’t.

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to having optimal headlights, just remember that a good set of headlights that are clear and powerful and going to turn heads everywhere you go, so there’s a clear aesthetic benefit.

Today, we’re going to help you find the right tools for the job by detailing the five best headlight sealants on the market, ensuring you make the right choice for your vehicle, and enjoy many illuminated and safe drives in the future.

Meguiar’s G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

Meguiar’s G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

To start off our list, we’ve chosen Meguiar’s Keep Clear Headlight Coating, easily one of the most popular headlight sealant and coating solutions out there to help protect and safeguard the lights of your vehicle.

Firstly, you’ll receive a 4oz. bottle, which is more than enough sealent to keep you going for years to come. Thankfully, this means you won’t have to keep buying bottle after bottle. According to the packaging, the main purpose of this brand is to maximise the level of clarity you’ll receive from your headlights.

This means this sealent is a great all-rounded product, especially if you’re applying it to your restoration products. In addition to improving clarity, it’s also designed to protect your headlights against the long-term damage of UV light and radiation.

With this level of protection, as well as the added bonus of being weather-resistant, you can keep your headlights looking brand new, all the time. Each coating tends to last about a year with each application, which can be easily managed thanks to the spray bottle, so you can simply point, push the top and apply with no stress or worries!

The only downside to this product we can find is the sanding pads that come with the set. These pads are used to smooth your headlights before you apply the sealent to give you better coverage and a more even fit. These pads are fairly spongey, and not great and sanding, so you may need to sand them yourself with sandpaper before applying.

Apart from this little hiccup, and the fact it sits in the mid-range price bracket, this sealent product is pretty much foolproof!

  • Long-lasting 4oz bottle
  • Easy to use spray application
  • Provides protection against weather, elements and UV rays
  • Maintains the clarity of your headlights
  • Slightly more expensive than other solutions
  • Sanding pads are a bit too spongey to be effective

Blue Magic 730-6 Headlight Lens Sealer - 8oz

Blue Magic 730-6 Headlight Lens Sealer – 8oz.

If you’re looking for a powerful sealer with a lot of similar features as the one above, but you want a larger quantity of solution, perhaps for multiple vehicles or for multiple uses, we highly recommend Blue Magic.

This particular bottle comes in a huge 8oz size, which is more than enough to make the initial application, and then many more to come. However, despite the large size of this bottle, it’s also surprisingly one of the most affordable. This is great for those of you who are shopping on a budget.

The solution is easily applied using the included spray applicator, complete with a cover that stops it from drying out or become full of dust and dirt while it’s waiting for the next use. What’s more, this brand comes with all the protective features you’ll be looking for

This includes protection from the elements, such as blocking out dirt which keeps your headlights completely clean and therefore brighter and minimizes the risk of yellowing and hazing of your lights. You can also benefit from protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.

However, this sealent doesn’t seem to last as long as the other brands, which makes us question whether this is why it comes in such a big bottle. You’re probably going to need to apply a fresh layer every couple of months if you want the full effects.

While this is marketed as a hard sealent, we found that it’s more similar to the wet silicone type seals, which still gets the job done, but it does mean you’ll need to reapply more reguarly. It also seems to take a lot longer to dry than other sealent, sometimes up to an hour.

  • The incredibly affordable price tag
  • Protects against dirt, grime, yellowing, hazing, and UV
  • Keeps your headlights free from dirt that obscures vision
  • Suitable for new and restored headlights
  • Longer drying time than other solutions
  • Needs to be applied every couple of months.

Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner & Sealant 9oz

Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner & Sealant 9oz.

If instead of a direct sealant, you’re in need of a more universal solution that’s still effective as sealent, but brings you more bang to your buck, Turtle Wax has a product that could tick all your purchase preference boxes.

As the title suggests, this is a 2-in-1 formula that not only restores and maintains the clarity of your headlights, making sure you can see perfectly while driving, it also helps to minimize the common risk of headlight yellowing.

On the packagaing, the manufacturer describes that this solution has been produced using OEM acrylic resins, which means it can proactively prevent oxidation and cloudiness, eliminating it and then stopping it from returning. In fact, this product is so versatile; you can use it on your windows, plexiglass, and any other kinds of plastics you have.

Due to the fact that this is an 2-in-1 solution, the quality of your headlight lens after application doesn’t seem to be as good as other dedicated sealents, but it’s still a huge improvement over leaving it. In most cases, it seems like applying two application, so wiping it off and then applying another, provides the best results.

However, after applying two applications, the results seem to last for a long time, some reports claiming up to around a year, which defineitly makes this product worthwhile in the long-term.

  • Superior technology that exceeds all other brands
  • An affordable solution for 9oz bottle
  • Protects against dirt, grime, and UV
  • Actively stops yellowing of your headlights
  • Needs to be applied using water and cloth (see instructions)
  • Need to apply pressure (manual or drill and buffer) for it to work properly

Permatex 81730 Flowable Silicone Windshield & Glass Sealer 15oz

Permatex 81730 Flowable Silicone Windshield & Glass Sealer 1.5oz

Sometimes, all you’re looking for is an inexpensive, lightweight solution that allows you to make one application and then enjoy many months, even years, of high-quality protection where you won’t even need to think about your headlights and how they’re performing. Introducing Permatex.

With the Permatex Sealer, you’ll receive a small PVA-like tube which you can carefully apply to the areas around your headlights and even your windshield. This creates a tough seal that remains waterproof, durable and completely clear, securing this product’s spot as one that performs incredibly.

Whether you’ve just cleaned up your lights and you want to keep them that way, you’ve just fitted new ones into your vehicle, or you’re sorting out any irregularities and voids in this area, this is the solution that is going to do you proud.

What we love about this product, in addition to the affordable price tag, is the fact it’s able to withstand the general wear and tear that your vehicle will come into contact with. This includes weather elements, extreme and variable temperatures, shock and vibrations and even shop chemicals or other products you may use on your car’s body.

The only aspect that lets Permatex down is the fact that it’s a silicone seal, as the title suggests. This means it can leave a wet seal that can take a while to dry, and won’t last as long as a hard sealent product. You’ll also need to apply more often (although this remains several months to a year), and it can leave a mess if you don’t apply carefully.

Thankfully, this sealent comes in a small and easy-to-use tube, so you can carefully apply it to your headlights, making sure not to get it on the body of your car, or your windshield!

  • Flowable silicone to reach those hard to reach places
  • Provides an outstanding amount of protection
  • Creates a waterproof, vibration-proof and weather-proof seal
  • Can be used on headlights and windshields
  • A silicone-based seal that won’t last as long as a hard seal
  • Can take over 15 minutes to dry

Presta Headlight Sealant

Presta Headlight Sealant

To finish off with, if you’re on the hunt for a headlight sealant that does exactly what it says on the tin with no frills attached, it doesn’t get much better than Presta’s headlight sealant. While this is the most expensive solution on the list, we found that it’s also one of the most effective.

Firstly, this is due to the size, which is capable of protecting up to 20 headlights with a single purchase. This particular sealant is designed for fast application, and even faster drying times, meaning you can quickly and easily apply using the spray top, wait a few minutes, and you’ll be good to get back on the road!

Some of the best benefits here are protecting your headlights from discoloration, as well as the natural elements that they face, including the weather, dirt and grime and sunlight (UV). This will help to ensure that your headlights stay clean and work to the best performance possible.

The finish with this sealant is much more beautiful than the other products, boasting a streak-free completion which looks great, regardless of whether you’re applying it to your new headlights, or a restoration setup. The only downside is the fact that this is a professional product.

In short, you have never applied headlight sealent before, the chances are you’ll get it wrong the first time. You’re going to need to sand down the light properly, perhaps even buff it for the smoothest finish possible before applying. The process is described in the instructions, or here, but take your time and there shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Capable of 20 headlights per can
  • Protects against weather, dirt, and UV
  • Easy, spray-on applicator
  • Streak-free finish & quick drying technology
  • More expensive than other solutions
  • Can take time to learn how to apply properly


As you can see, when it comes to sealing up your headlights, so you can make sure that they always look their best, as well as retaining their clarity for safety, there are plenty of options out there. Any of the five solutions here will be ideal, so think about which one best suits you!