4 Best Fifth Wheel Hitches to Securely Hitch Your Trailer Anywhere

When you’re hauling a fifth wheel trailer, you’ll already have noticed that you need a special hitch to get the job done. This is aptly named a ‘fifth wheel hitch’ and is the only way you’ll be able to connect your trailer to your car or truck in order to haul it.

However, when it comes to finding the right fifth wheel hitch, there’s so much choice out there that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. The market is saturated since moving and hauling is such a huge industry, which means it can be so overwhelming when you’re finding the right one.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you and searched across the market and narrowed down what’s out there to just four of the best. We’ve taken all aspects into account including the performance and compatibility of each fifth wheel hitch and all the benefits each one provides.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

Pro Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15K

Pro Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15K

To start off our list, we’ve chosen this awesome fifth wheel hitch from Pro Series that’s everything you’ll need in a hitch and comes with everything you need. The main feature of this hitch is the impressive 4-way pivoting head.

This is crafted with a unique 5° tilt which makes it incredibly easy to connect up your trailer to your hitch. In fact, it’s one of the easiest hitches to use, providing you with a simple experience where you get the job done quickly and safely.

You’ll also love the fact that this hitch is designed with a 4-bolt rail system, so it’s easy to install on your existing hitching frame. Of course, this purchase comes with the mounting kit with everything you need to make the installation process simple.

It’s actually surprising how well this hitch is mad and performs when you consider how little it costs compared with a lot of the other hitches. The sidebars are so strong and perform so much better than dual jaw designs, although the rails themselves are pretty standard.

It may be worth noting that these rails are a loud louder than your typical dual jaw design, but this is acceptable when you consider just how much stronger it is.

What’s more, even the instructions on how to use the kit are decent, and you can tell there’s been a lot of effort put in when it comes making sure the customer has the best experience. The hitch itself is self-latching, and there is little roll/swing/sway when it comes to actually driving with it on.

All in all, this is a great hitch that ensures you can haul your trailers with the utmost ease and safety that gives you the best hitching experience.

  • A simple 4-bolt latching system
  • Super strong side rails for a secure connection
  • Self-latching design for easy hitching
  • The affordable price tag
  • A bit louder to use than a dual jaw design

B&W Hitches RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel for Ford Puck

B&W Hitches RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel for Ford Puck

One of the most popular vehicles to actually hitch with would easily be a Ford. Available as strong cars or trucks, a vast majority of the trucks you see hitching on the road are Ford’s, so it only makes sense to have a hitch that’s specially designed with the Ford Puck system in mind.

This is where the B&W hitch comes into play. If you’re using a Ford Puck hitching system, this unit has been designed specifically for this model, and will ultimately provide you with a bespoke experience you can’t get with any other fifth wheel hitch.

What sets this hitch apart from the rest is its outstanding gross weight capabilities which extend up to a whopping 20,000lbs. This includes a 5,000lbs vertical load rating which ensures you have more than enough strength to haul whatever it is you plan on moving.

This particular model comes with a 1-inch thick cast locking jaw design with is used on many hitches to provide a super strong connection where you can drive safely in the knowledge that nothing’s going to fall apart mid-drive.

This feature also allows for tight tolerances which allow for a safe connection and one of the smoothest driving experiences possible; all with anti-sway/swing. Even with these features, you’ll need to find your trailer has an ample amount of pivot when it comes to driving around those tight turnings.

With the strength of this hitch, you can expect it to keep performing for many years to come without slacking or breaking. In short, if you’re looking for a reliable hitch you can trust, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  • Designed to last for many years to come
  • Supports up to 20,000lbs in load weight
  • Super strong 1-inch locking jaw or secure connection
  • Anti-sway technology built into the hitch
  • Limited to Ford vehicles

Reese Towpower 30035 20K Fifth Wheel Rail Kit

Reese Towpower 30035 20K Fifth Wheel Rail Kit

Reese Towpower is one of the best hitches in the market and is a popular brand all over the world; so, if you’re looking to owning your own unit to perform, this is one of the best fifth wheel hitches to use.

What makes this version of the Reese Towpower hitch, so elite is the fact that it comes with a 10-bolt design. This is used to bolt the rail kit to your truck bed securely, so you can drive with your trailer attached without the risk of it coming off during use.

With your purchase, you’ll find everything you need to install the kit, including all the bolts and brackets, as well as the instructions. This keeps everything simple, and you won’t need to make any extra purchases. The process itself might be slightly different depending on the rail you’re using and the vehicle you’re attaching it to, but there’s a ton of support on the Reese’s website.

It’s worth noting that on some models of truck, such as an GMC Sierra, you may need to make some slight adjustments and possibly even cut some of the bolts, but this is all addressed in the online support channels.

Compared with the other kits on this list, this one is quite simple by design and doesn’t come with a great range of other features, but it can be used to get the job done with no-frills attached and the affordable price reflects this.

With this what you see is what you get kit, there are really no bad things to say, and it really does give you everything you need in the simplest form!

  • Comes with everything you need straight out of the box
  • Can be installed and usable within 20 minutes
  • An incredibly affordable set
  • One of the most renowned hitch companies in the world
  • None!

Curt Manufacturing CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

Curt Manufacturing CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

The final fifth wheel hitch we’ve chosen comes from another world-renowned hitch manufacturing company known as Curt Manufacturing. This is a hugely popular company and a number one developer in the US used by millions of people.

This particular fifth wheel hitch is one such example of how good they are. To start with, this hitch is capable of supporting up to 16,000lbs in weight (and a vertical load support of 4,000lbs) and can be used on pretty much all kinds of trailer connection. All you need to do is line up your trailer, fit it in and secure it and you’re ready to go!

What also makes this hitch special is the fact that it comes with 10° of lateral movement. This allows your trailer to move a lot more than your typical conventional trailer which stops it from potentially swaying dangerously while you’re driving.

On top of all this, this hitch includes an automatic lock which makes it even easier to connect up your trailer and you can enjoy all the benefits that come from the installation system. You can easily connect this hitch to any industry-standard rail in a matter of minutes, which is great if you’re already using a rail system.

With all these fantastic features covering all aspects of the hitch, it’s safe to say there’s really nothing bad to say about. It’s solid, secure, easy to use and highly functional and all for an affordable price, securing this hitch’s place as one of the best.

  • Able to support up to 16,000lbs in load weight
  • Swivel hitch with 10° of lateral movement
  • Can be installed on any industry-standard rail
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes
  • None!


When it comes to choosing the perfect fifth wheel hitch for your truck, it’s so important that you take the time to choose the right one for safety and to make sure you can get the job done as easier as possible.

Any of the four hitches we’ve listed above make ideal choices since they come with everything you need and all for a great price. With this in mind, simply choose the one that suits your personal preferences and get ready to haul!